Dental Crowns and Bridges

Dental Crowns

What is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a treatment designed to rebuild or support a damaged or root-filled tooth or to replace a missing tooth. The latter requires the placing of an implant before the crown is added. An alternative option for rebuilding an existing tooth would be a large filling; for replacing a missing tooth it would be a fixed or removable denture.

Teeth can wear due to any number of causes, such as grinding at night or imperfect alignment of the jaw. Teeth can also be lost through accidental trauma, infection or poor gum health. Rebuilding or replacing missing teeth is functionally important because chewing, clear speech and jaw health can all be affected.

Crowns may be made entirely from porcelain, or from gold covered by porcelain, or entirely from gold. The material is selected according to your needs and takes into account aesthetic demands, strength requirements and the amount of tooth structure and space available.

Because they are fixed in the mouth, crowns are a very convenient solution.

Is a Dental Crown Suitable for You?

Crowns are a solution to protect a damaged or root-treated tooth, or they can be used in conjunction with an implant to replace a missing tooth.

For best results, crowns require a certain amount of underlying tooth structure so that they can be firmly anchored in place. Otherwise, tooth extraction, followed by placement of an implant, is advised.

Crowns offer excellent modification of length, width, alignment and shade of the existing tooth

That’s why they are ideal when aesthetics as well as strength are a priority. They are very strong and therefore suitable for both front and back teeth.

Compared with veneers, crowns do require more of the natural tooth to be shaved back. Because this process is irreversible, crowns are generally unsuitable for younger patients.

What’s the Procedure for Treatment?

In cases where implants are not required, the process of fitting a dental crown involves the following two steps.
  1. The damaged (or root canal treated) tooth is prepared so as to create a surface onto which the crown can adhere. At the same visit, impressions are taken. CarePlus Dental then sends these to a quality Melbourne laboratory as the blueprint for your dental crown, which is created by hand. Your dentist will prepare and fix a temporary cap over the prepared tooth, significantly reducing the chances of sensitivity in the meantime.
  2. About two weeks later, the temporary cap is removed and replaced with your new crown. Before permanently securing the crown in place, your dentist will try it on over your tooth to ensure that you feel comfortable with the result.
Each crown is individually handcrafted by our dental technician right here in Melbourne. We do not send any of our work overseas.


A bridge is one of the options to replace one or more missing teeth. It is a permanent fixture which is anchored to the adjacent natural tooth or teeth (the abutment) to ‘bridge’ the gap where the tooth (or teeth) is missing (the pontic). This also prevents the adjacent natural teeth from drifting.

A bridge is a great option if you do not wish to have dental implants or a denture to replace your missing tooth or teeth. There are many different designs and materials which can be used for bridges: your dentist will discuss the best option for you.

Each bridge is individually handcrafted by our dental technician to create a healthy, natural look which also sits comfortably with your bite.

Two appointments are necessary, the first to prepare the tooth for the bridge abutments and the second to fit your bridge.

1. The Preparation Appointment
  • A local anaesthetic may be needed to numb the tooth and surrounding gum
  • The dentist will then shape the outer surfaces of the tooth, creating a cylindrical shape onto which the bridge will seat.
  • An impression (mould) is taken of your teeth using special dental “putty”. The putty is placed into an impression tray; they are both then inserted into your mouth and pushed onto your teeth in order to take an impression. Once the dental putty is set the impression will be removed.  An impression is also taken of the opposing teeth, so the technician can see how you bite together
  •  A temporary crown will be cemented onto the prepared tooth to protect it whilst your bridge is being fabricated.
  • The impressions will be sent to the dental laboratory where our technician will handcraft your dental bridge. This will take between two and three weeks.
2. The “Fitting” Appointment
  • A local anaesthetic may be need to numb the tooth and surrounding gum.
  • The temporary crown will be removed and the tooth will be washed to remove the temporary cement.
  • The dentist will then try in your new bridge, making sure that it fits correctly and that you are happy with the appearance. The bridge will then permanently cemented in place.


Each bridge is individually handcrafted by our dental technician right here in Melbourne. We do not send any of our work overseas.